A Solo Exhibition “Auto Outer Rail” by Al White

16th June Fri – 8th July Sat, 2023

*Opening reception : 6/16 (Fri) 6-9pm
Music by Koji Tanigawa (Paletown), Michihiko Ishidomaru and Will Sweeney

At gallery commune

We are having an exhibition of Glasgow based artist Al White; “AUTO OUTER Rail” starting on 16th Fri June.

AUTO OUTER Rail is Al’s first exhibition in Japan, where he has created a brand new series of prints. The pieces explore an automated rail network powered by an outdated A.I. system, extracting and transporting minerals across 2 desolate regions.

Al White is an artist based in Glasgow who works across multiple mediums to build his expansive non-human world.These zones can be found within his CRUDEX output, as well as his record sleeves for Glasgow’s 12th Isle. Fragments can also be found across his client based work, such as his recent graphics for Stone Island Shadow Project.
Instagram: @crud55