Same Paper × gallery commune present
Lina Sun Park & David Brandon Geeting

22nd Jan Sat – 13th Feb Sun, 2022

At gallery commune

We are having an exhibition of NY based artist Lina Sun Park and photographer David Brandon Geeting; “A Spell Too Far” co-presented with Shanghai-based creative studio Same Paper, starting on 22nd Jan, Sat.

“A Spell Too Far” is a collection of works by artists Lina Sun Park & David Brandon Geeting, made during 2020 and 2021. It is also their first collaborative book published by Same Paper. The title describes the world beyond a magic spell gone awry. Things are a little peculiar, like that of an odd dream. Familiar characters, but not quite.

The artist duo have used household materials and everyday staples to build a vibrant yet unassuming world of their own. In a self-described show of “transcendental arts & crafts,” Geeting and Park are speaking in childlike visual metaphor, and sometimes acting in their own play.

Lina Sun Park is a New York based artist, whose work often deals with ephemeral materials, textiles, and items of personal significance.

David Brandon Geeting is a New York based photographer, whose work bends genres, creating a contemplative yet curious universe. @davidbrandongeeting

Same Paper is a Shanghai-based creative studio founded in 2013, focusing on art book publishing. @samepaper