World Magazine issue#1 Launch Exhibition

24th(fri) Jan – 5th(wed) Feb, 2020

Opening Reception: 24th Jan, Fri : 7 – 9pm

At gallery commune

Alexander Julian
Kaneda Ryohei
Kawashima Takashi
Kehara Hiroki
Murooka Sayuri
Tagawa Yutaro
Takakura Kazuki
Takeda Shun

World Magazine
“World Magazine” is a culture magazine consists of how we could see the world from Japan. The word “world” propably means the universe, at the same time, it also means limited universe of individuals. We will connect both universe through the magazine.

CEKAI is a creative association of people connected through this universal concept. We are a gathering of independent persons, where all individuals join to expand their potential to excel at creation. We create good things. That is to prepare the work environment, scheme and get perspectives to cross the “world” from several layers.We will continue pure creation. Creator is here.