Shun Okada & Yusuke Abe exhibition “Unfathomed Depth”

6th Nov Sat – 21st Nov Sun, 2021

At gallery commune

We are having an exhibition of Japanese artists, Shun Okada and Yusuke Abe; “Unfathomed Depth” starting on 6th Nov Sat.

Shun Okada
Born in Ibaraki prefecture in 1992, lives in Tokyo. Growing up with the explosive growth of digital devices. He is interested in early digital phenomena such as analog noise and NES bugs that are disappearing now, and is making pictorial expressions that explore the middle between digital and analog.

Yusuke Abe
Japanese painter/artist. Born in Yamagata prefecture in 1993, lives in Saitama. Graduated from Department of Oil Painting at Tama Art University in 2016 and finished masters degree from Tama Art University in 2018.