Shiori Ikeno photo exhibition

12th(fri) – 26th(fri) Apr, 2019

Opening Party : 12th FRI Apr at 8 – 10PM

13th Sat + 14th Sun, APR Noon – 3PM
Every Thursdays + Fridays in APR  3PM – 6PM
More Dates: Ask

At Cash Machine(LA, USA)
3207 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039 U.S.A

“Orb” is Ikeno’s first show in Los Angeles. The exhibition focuses on the work from her new book of the same name. Working with space and dimension, this photography installation transports you to a familiar dream like world created by Ikeno.

Ikeno selected “Orb” to allude to the idea of both a sphere in space and the sound of echoes, reflected in the psychedelic photographs in this body of work. Inspired by TV programs from her childhood that would examine paranormal photography, Ikeno makes photographs that allude to the phenomenon of something can not be seen but is more a presence is felt. When she takes a photo she enjoys the possibility that something that can not be seen on the surface will fortuitously appear in the finished image. The images of “Orb” are her own style of paranormal photography.

This collection of photographs have elements of horror/sci-fi suspense, overlayed with her discomfort with everyday life. Pulling from this unease, with the turn of each page, “Orb” delivers a sense that you are traveling somewhere on a strange but familiar planet, questioning if that dog, cat, or that boy could in fact be an alien. The images are, at times, homage to her love of sci-fi movies like They Live and Blade Runner with the everyday seeing a bit out of place in simple abstractions and beautiful washes of color.

b. in 1991. Tokyo based Japanese Photographer.
Her newest photo book “Orb” was published from commune Press in Sep, 2018.