18 Sat, May – 1st Sat, June 2024

*Opening reception : 5/17(Fri) 7-9pm
Manuel Goller will be present.

At gallery commune

We are having an exhibition of Berlin-based furniture and design studio, NEW TENDENCY starting on 18th Sat May.

Known for its minimalist aesthetic and functional approach, NEW TENDENCY will exhibit its iconic collection of modernist furniture and design objects.

The exhibition will feature a curated selection of NEW TENDENCY’s signature pieces, including the Meta Side Table, Ayo Stool, Apex Shelf, Hoist Toolbox, and more. Visitors will experience the company’s commitment to Bauhaus principles and explore the intersection of art, design, and functionality. Discover the intersection of art and design in a unique cultural experience. NEW TENDENCY embraces simplicity to enhance the quality of life, striving to declutter and distill to cultivate the essentials that truly matter: Space, Focus, and Time.

NEW TENDENCY is proud to present the exclusive opportunity to be among the first to preorder the publication “Möbel” design in collaboration with Paris-based graphic design studio Spassky Fischer from Paris, France.

NEW TENDENCY is a Berlin-based design studio that applies Modernist design principles onto contemporary objects of the everyday. In the Bauhaus tradition, NEW TENDENCY creates products characterized by conceptual design, clean aesthetics and functional form. The collection of furniture and accessories develops under the creative direction of Manuel Goller and consists of original products as well as collaborations with selected designers and architects.
Instagram: @newtendency