Colin Sussingham “BE L’EAU” Book Launch Exhibition

16th Sep Fri – 2nd Oct Sun, 2022

*Opening reception : 9/16(fri) 6-9pm

At gallery commune

We are having an exhibition of L.A. based photographer/artist Colin Sussingham;”BE L’EAU” starting on 16th Fri Sep in commemoration of the launch of his newest book co-published by commune Press and FRIEND EDITIONS.

Shot between 2019-2021 this body of work takes the audience into another
dimension. A space that is colorful and dramatic, beautiful and eerie, where bodies are celebrated and the subject can let go. The pressure of water, the lack of visibility, gravity, and breath, are the forces that create the calm and the tension, the grace and the struggle, the release and the resistance.

Colin Sussingham is a photographer from New York, and is currently living in Los Angeles. His life and work is rooted in skateboarding and the surrounding culture, but has been exploring new subject matter for past several years. (i.e – underwater, travel and nature photography as well as experimenting with printing/scanning)
instagram: @colinsuss

FRIEND EDITIONS is the creative/collaboration output of Oliver Shaw. Established in
2022 with the goal to build a community through art, publishing and products. FRIEND
EDITIONS aims to champion a range of new and diverse talent. | instagram: @friendeditions

commune Press
We opened our gallery and shop, “commune” in Tokyo in 2009. In 2013 we established
our own independent press, “commune Press” to further our founding mission to
introduce great and promising artists to as many people as possible all around the
world. | instagram: @ccommunee